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We are proud to offer the best WHITE WIDOW MARIJUANA SEEDS, hand-picked and breeded with passion in order to produce the best potent buds in the market. Moreover, beginners would be very happy with this easy-growing and short-flowering plant. SEE AND ENJOY OUR LIVE PHOTOS!

White Widow - The Award Winning Strain

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  • Price : € 55,00
  • Type : Indica - Sativa mix
  • Climate : indoor
  • Yield : 450 gr/m2
  • Height : 35 - 60 cm
  • Flowering period : 8 weeks
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In Holland, the White Widow is considered as the most rewarded variety. Its features showcase a type of white plant that has THC glands, especially on the larger portions of its fan leaves. Although it can provide a very soft smoke, it can produce a very potent and great high.

The White Widow is regarded as one amongst the many desirable strains ever produced. In fact, this popular strain was initially developed only six 6 years ago. The original breeder even emphasized how vital the White Widow can be, particularly for those who prefer to grow their own plant. Thus, from this very strain alone, a whole family was developed and produced, showcasing multiple Cannabis Cup Winners.

Important Facts

Smell: Initially, you will experience a somewhat strong pungency. This is followed by a kind of sour sweetness during the last whiff, later on becoming sweet. You will also notice the plants strong odour.

Taste: Freshness with a touch of fruit variations is what draws many breeders to the “White Widow”. However, due to the strength of its crystals, its real taste would coincide with the THCs expectorant effects.

Visual: When it comes to the physical aspect of the White Widow, it is a lot like seeing a plant growing in the winter season, with all the snow. It also possesses a dense type of covering, with the craved hairy crystals.

Stone: Subsequent to the initial puff, you will feel a daunting kind of warm feeling of being stoned. Eventually, this will overcome the part under the eyes up to your whole body. With the White Widow, you need to prepare for heavy highness.

Touch: Once you touch the White Widow, your hands will stick onto the stem and the leaves. If this is not achieved, it would mean that the plant was not grown properly. Furthermore, you will find concentrated crystal formations in this amazing plant.

Family Heritage: The initial union for this unique variety was derived from Indian and Brazilian descent. It is indicated that the combination ratio is 40:60, indica and sativa respectively.

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Facts about the marijuana plant.

The Marijuana plant is an annual plant that will not start flowering as long as she continues to receive light for more than 12 hours a day. During this time, the plant will only grow. We call this the vegetal or growing phase. As soon as the plant gets less than 12 hours of light a day, she will start flowering. This is what we call the flowering phase.